Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday gIfts for all ye procrastinators

Social media—man, that can suck up a guy's time FAST! The thing that's been occupying my time lately is creating a new FaceBook "book" site. Please visit it. And "LIKE" it as long as you're there. It has a couple of dozen simple projects, tons of tips, lots of amazing wood photos and a section labeled "Times of the Signs" that will let you print out things ranging from an inspirational quote to a WET PAINT sign. Click here to get there:   Spike's new FaceBook page

Below are  beauty shots of some of the projects you'll find there—just in time for the holiday season. Even if you've procrastinated. Let the sawdust fly!

Crescent Moon Wine Bottle Rack
from "Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects."

(Photography by Bill Zuehlke)

Wine for Two
from "Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects"

(Photography by Bill Zuehlke)

And for the woodworker in your life—a sandbox!!
From  "Woodworking FAQ: The Workshop Companion"